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Local Name


English Name


Scientific Name

Channa micropeltes


Can easily attain a length of 1.0 metre and weighs more that 10 kg.


Being a carnivore the diet consists mainly of smaller fishes. They go up river to spawn in small pools where the water is calm and there is a presence of dried leaves. Eggs are deposited onto the leaves and the will guard the eggs until they hatch. They have very strong maternal instincts. They guard the youngs even when they migrate downstream. Sometimes shoals of the young, with reddish stripes along the body can be seen swimming around with the parents close by


Found in rivers, littoral and open water areas.

Economic Importance

In fresh form the demand is not very good. Formally the market price was only RM2.00 - RM3.00 per kg. In its dried form they have good export potential, and fetch between RM8.00 - RM10.00. Now the fresh fish fetches quite a high prices as they are exported to Singapore.



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