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Local Name

Lampan Sungai

English Name

Scwanenfeldii's Barb or Barboides

Scientific Name

Puntius schwanenfeldii


Average size between 10 - 25 centimetres and weighs about 200 - 600 g. Possible to reach a maximum size of 30 centimetres and weights more than 1.0 kg.


Diamond-shaped body. Presence of orange and black colouration on the pelvic fins and caudal fin lobes. Body, silverish white


The spawners are known to shed their eggs in the upstream of rivers. The young will remain in the rivers until they become fingerlings before they migrate to other parts of the lake. Most tend to colonize the rivers while some move to the lake proper to colonize. The diet consist of filamentous algae, insects and debris.


Known to be widely spread in the lake and in the rivers.

Economic Importance

It is the most dominant species landed by fishermen. Readily accepted by locals due to its tasty meat. Market price ranges from RM4.00 to RM6.00. Potential for aquaculture especially in ponds or aquariums.

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