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Local Name


English Name

Malaysian Mahseer

Scientific Name

Tor tambroides


Average size 10 - 30 centimetres and weighs about 1 - 2kg. Can grow to more than 7.0 kg and more than 50 cm in length though this size is very rarely caught


Large scales present on the body. Colour yellowish with gold tinge. Present one pair of barbels at both ends of the mouth.


Known to spawn in the upper parts of the river systems. Being an omnivore, the diet mainly consists of fruits that fall into the river. They like to play against rapids. The spawners spawn in the rivers where are rapids. Eggs are deposited on rock or small stones where the water is calm so that the eggs are not washed away. Once hatched, the youngs will remain and eat on algae growing on rocks.


Known to be found in Sungai Pertam, Sungai Terengganu Mati, Sungai Cicir, Sungai Perapik, Sungai Kerbat, Sungai Chendana, Sungai Chaching and the National Park area where the water is clear

Economic Importance

Highly priced fish. Market price ranges from RM18.00.00 to RM25.00/kg. Has potential for aquaculture especially in net cage culture in reservoirs where the water is clear

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