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With a water catchment area of 38,000 hectares, Tasik Kenyir is, naturally, a heaven for freshwater fishes. During the wet season when rain falls almost everyday, fishes can be caught using your bare hand! A recent study revealed that there are some 300 species of freshwater fish dwelling in this lake.

The presence of protruding dead trees around the lake serves as the most perfect breeding grounds for there fishers as algae growing on dead trees and branches serve as the main form of sustenance for the fishes. However, a majority of these fishes still thrive in the rivers flowing into Kenyir especially near estuaries where nutrients are found in abundance. From studies and observations conducted by the Department of Fishers,
species such as the big Lampan Sungai, Kelah, Toman, Kawang, Terbul and Sebarau are found in waters in and around the dead trees. This indicates that these fishes have successfully colonized these areas and proved that dead trees have become an important part of the lake. Details about fishes of Kenyir can be found in book Fishes Of Kenyir  published by Department of Fisheries Malaysia and KETENGAH

Large scale fish breeding in
cages at Tasik Kenyir has shown tremendous success. Research conducted by the Fisheries Department estimates that 60 to 100 tonnes of fish can be harvested annually from the lake.

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